INTELLIGENCE Audio Resources and Q & A

This page is an audio resources area, which includes my thoughts on subjects relevant to this year’s readings. I will also respond to your questions about the reading and about astrology. I will not be able to cast personal charts in this forum, though I will be able to respond to at least some of your general questions. Please send your question to me at

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Aries Afterthoughts

General Introduction to the Readings

What are the solar houses?

Comment on Chiron in Aries and self-actualization

Inner planet retrogrades, and outer planet sign changes

Reference points in time: the conjunctions of 2020

How does astrology work?

Professional Resources from Eric Francis

Ultimate Astrology Set by Eric Francis. Open this PDF and discover an exciting new astrology tool from Planet Waves astrology. Includes Eric’s Chiron Journaling Process, monographs (short books) by Eric Francis and Rob Hand, and many other excellent resources and tools. Your set will come with a signed early draft of Eric’s astrology book, Astrology Revealed.

The Planet Waves Galaxy Pass. A fantastic resource that provides access to many readings by Eric Francis, the Ultimate Astrology Set (described above), a personal consulting credit, and more.

Personal Consulting with Eric Francis. For nearly 25 years, Eric Francis has served as one of the most trusted, and innovative, astrologers of his generation. He brings advanced astrology and spiritual practice down to Earth, making them useful and accessible.

Retainer Services from Eric Francis. Eric provides ongoing consulting services, which include working with business, creative growth, relationships and personal material, timing or any subject you want to unravel.

Study Astrology with Eric Francis. Email Eric directly to find out more.