Praise for RESPECT by Eric Francis

SO GOOD!! I especially loved the information on the transits from two years ago to now with the quote about the client and how much life has changed from then to now. A huge parallel there. Very accurate with the 8th house and relationships, contracts and negotiations as well as the matrilineal ancestral stuff pertaining to marriage and partnership. That last part about not being able to work in a corporate environment and the work must be loving as well as spiritual was especially heartening to hear. I made a huge shift in the work that I do about two years ago and although it can be challenging to be an energyworker and intuitive with loved ones not quite understanding my path fully, I’ve never looked back. This was a BIG affirmation that I’m on the right track and to keep moving forward. Thank you <3 <3 <3 The service you provide is so appreciated!! — Winter Clark, on Gemini RESPECT

Thank you for brightening this gloomy and anxious start to the new year, dear Eric. Fascinating and incredibly helpful reading. It addresses so many questions and challenges I’m facing (some of which I wasn’t fully aware of till now), and is so full of insight. I always find it extraordinary how clearly you are able to ‘see’ us. Bless you and thank you, dearest Eric. xxxxx
— Liz Glanville, on Cancer RESPECT

There are thoughts that I have been having, not shared with anyone else, and you tapped right into them, intimately. Mind Blown! Thank you.
— Sherrie Smith, on Virgo RESPECT

Wow. As always, dead on. I even had a good cry at a couple of points.
— Ocotillo Jones, on Virgo RESPECT