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Dear Friend of Planet Waves:

I’m here with the October monthly horoscope and article. This one was easy; it only took 24 years to write.

I love that you receive this email every month and read what I have to say. I love that you show up Sunday night and listen to Planet Waves FM, which is at its very best these days. The planet is in rough shape, and it’s a privilege and an honor to do my dharma, and “act as if to hold the world together.”

Some in the audience are amazed that I do the program each week and distribute this horoscope every month to people who don’t subscribe. Neither are free — our subscribers pay.

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Planet Waves FM: The First Virtual Reality Impeachment, Robert Hunter Tribute and an Introduction to Jealousy and Compersion

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Dear Friend and Listener:

Before I introduce tonight’s particularly lavish program, I’m here to remind you that Planet Waves FM is sponsored by your donations to a little nonprofit called Chiron Return. If you come back every week and listen, please make a one-time or ongoing donation. In our time of call-outs for personal integrity, investing in what you love and in what supports you, is an, essential piece of that dharma.

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Planet Waves FM: Libra Equinox, Shambhala Wisdom and a Visit to the NYC Underground

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Dear Friend and Reader:

In tonight’s edition of Planet Waves FM, I read the equinox chart, and harken the end of Jupiter square Neptune and the beginning of Saturn conjunct Pluto.

We check in with Chogyam Trungpa, with a reading from The Sacred Path of the Warrior infused with a little A Course in Miracles. And in Tantra Studio, we visit an underground New York club and size up the energy.

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