Chiron in Aries: Beyond Identity, Into Self

By Eric Francis

This is an excerpt from the Aries reading

Though it was discovered in Taurus, Chiron has a strong affinity for Aries, and its passage through Aries seems well timed to address many issues involving self, self-concept and the notion of identity (something that is critical at this time in our individual lives, and the life of our culture). At the moment, our whole society is obsessed with identity, which is self-concept.

Identity is not self, and much of this effort is, in my view, insincere and misdirected. For the most part, it’s about labeling and tribal identity — not self-actualization.

Your quest, and your healing mission, is to find your true self; your most personally valid state of being and of expression. This is easily said, and not so easily (or so often) done. The reason is that in order to be who you are, it’s necessary to set aside or cast off anything and everything that you are not. Most people you meet are heavily invested in not-self. To the extent that you struggle with being yourself and with making choices that work for you, you are likely to be invested in not-self. If you knowingly do things that don’t work for you, and associate with people who do not support you, those are signs of investment in not-self.

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A Calm Look at Our Edgy Moment

Pages from my personal notebook, with notes for tonight’s program, and the New Moon chart.

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Dear Friend and Reader:

Tonight’s Planet Waves FM takes a placid look at our edgy moment. To everyone’s great relief, I omit the news entirely, and focus on the astrology: Monday’s Aquarius New Moon, the Imbolc cross-quarter (and beginning of the Year of the Pig), and the unusual conditions of Venus and Mars.

To wit, Venus is conjunct Ixion and Pholus, and is square Chiron and Salacia, while Mars is now square Pluto and conjunct Eris. That is a lot of contact between the inner planets and the outer, which describes some unusual opportunities in our current moment.

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The End of the Shutdown, and of Roger Stone

Selection from the Special Counsel’s grand jury indictment of Roger Stone for witness intimidation and several other counts. In this passage, he is threatening to kill radio host Randy Credico — and to take his dog. I believe that this statement led to the use of a paramilitary squad to arrest him, unlike any of the other raids or arrests so far resulting from investigations by the Special Counsel.

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Dear Friend and Reader:

In tonight’s Planet Waves FM, I look at the chart for the arrest of Roger Stone, one of the most notorious dirty tricksters in the history of American politics. The Special Counsel has charged that he was responsible for orchestrating the connection between WikiLeaks and the Trump campaign in 2016. This was the source of the stolen Podesta emails that damaged the campaign of Hillary Clinton.

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