A Few Hours of Peace and Sanity

Ashokan Reservoir, Ulster County, New York. Photo by Eric.

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In tonight’s Planet Waves FM, I have something for you that may be rare to find: a few hours of peace and sanity.

The United States is perched on the brink of madness. The president is being investigated as a Russian spy. He has shut down the federal government, which is grinding to a halt. Air traffic centers are not properly staffed.

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The National Weather Service, the U.S. Geological Service, the Food and Drug Administration, and every other agency is closing its doors — right down to the federal courts. The president’s Secret Service detail is working without pay because he’s throwing a tantrum. (See an overview of the status of the government here.)

And I’m here tonight with a calm, low-key look at the astrology, mellow music, and a few ideas to consider. I look at the Nessus-Neptune conjunction that I discussed in Thursday’s edition for subscribers; I look at the compound square from Aries to Capricorn, and consider how that might be manifesting. And I look at the Jupiter-Neptune square, which says keep your focus and honor your commitments.

In the last segment, I am back with Tantra Studio, and a discussion on the topic of healing 101: where exactly do you begin? Who do you work with? What do you do with your pain and anger?

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A Capricorn Eclipse, and Chiron in Aries

Construction of Dreams in Space by Lanvi Nguyen.

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Dear Friend and Listener:

Tonight’s Planet Waves FM first looks at Saturday’s eclipse in Capricorn. That this event happens during an absurd government shutdown is troubling, particularly when the president has claimed it may last months or even years. No matter how you may feel about “immigration,” it’s not like there’s some immediate threat from Mexican and Central American refugees.

What this scenario reveals is the nearly total dysfunctionality of the federal government, as everyone (meaning all the other branches of government) seems helpless to do anything about it. The question is: what are WE going to do with ourselves, given this vacuum of leadership and toxic, power-based environment?

I devote most of the remainder of the program to Chiron in Aries, which I consider one of the two most meaningful developments of 2019. The other is the approaching Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn (to which I offer some bandwidth, looking at all such conjunctions in the 20th century).

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Intelligence, Emotional and Astrological

“House orchids in bloom abstract turning pages.” Photo by Lanvi Nguyen.

Dear Friend and Reader:

We live in what seem to be hopeless times — which means one thing: we must become our own source of faith. It’s time to turn our minds on, and encounter life as it’s happening.

Chiron in Aries is about to begin at full strength, which will take us into new territory where self-discovery and self-actualization are concerned. This is one of the great wakeup calls in all of astrology.

Eric Francis.

At the same time, we are being challenged to deal with a changing world. This is described by the rapidly approaching Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn. This is one of those world-altering aspects that will in some way influence everyone and everything.

Fortunately, we will have the enhanced self-awareness of Chiron in Aries to navigate the territory. While Chiron is one of the most vital influences in astrology now, there is, sadly, exceedingly little relevant information about it online — though it’s one of our specialities here at Planet Waves.

In our era, it’s rare to have sound guidance, astrological or otherwise. I have done my best to provide some of that for you in the RESET 2019 audio readings, part of the INTELLIGENCE annual readings from Planet Waves.

My readings are human creations: done from hand-drawn charts (which are included), recorded without a script, and including music composed and recorded right in the room where the readings were done for you. I consider it sensitive business offering anyone guidance, and for this and other reasons, I take a gentle, reflective approach to astrology.

These are inspiring, understandable astrology readings presented in a calm, mediative environment. I will help you study yourself, the world, and the place where the two meet. My objective in doing the work is to help you tune into your own intuition, your own navigation system, and your most important priorities.

Intelligence was created using hand-drawn charts, and recorded without a script. Each sign has four pieces of original music. Intelligence is the work of human thought, love and creativity — not of computers.

Each reading comes with four pieces of ambient music tailored for your sign (when I have a moment, I’ll be extracting the music and presenting that separately).

All 12 readings (each about 80 to 90 minutes in four sections) work as a unified whole, though I suggest at least that you listen to your Sun sign and rising sign.

If you don’t know your rising sign, we will look it up for you. You may share your reading with close friends, as this is one purchase per household.

Soon, I plan to begin delivering the written readings, beginning in the next week or so with two pieces that will be helpful to all of the signs.

Here are your purchase options:

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Thank you for your business, and thank you for trusting me as your astrologer.

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I bring many diverse gifts to my work as an astrologer, including extensive training and experience in both classical and modern astrology. I also bring therapy training (Hakomi, Gestalt and Holistic); spiritual work based in A Course in Miracles; and many years of tantric practice, meaning an openness and understanding of eros integrated with spiritual practice. Prior to astrology, my vocation was a news and investigative reporter, which has given me practical grounding in the world, and a realistic perspective of what is possible. I have served as a consultant since 1995, helping people in every walk of life.

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