“Her Exaltation” by Lanvi Nguyen

Dear Visitor:

You’ve arrived at the INTELLIGENCE website. Here, we host my 2019-2020 annual readings for all the signs and rising signs. Using techniques I’ve developed over three decades of spiritual training and astrological practice, I’m able to do detailed, accurate and relevant readings using just your Sun sign or rising sign.

I know this seems impossible; the results speak for themselves.

My INTELLIGENCE readings are designed to address the personal impact of the confusion and tension of our time in history. They will help you re-orient on your inner guidance and creative space; my work is designed to help you focus your life.

These readings are not for everyone. They may be for you if you seek to preserve your humanity in these times of transition and confusion. They are for you if you value growth. They may be for you if you’re someone who values therapy or spiritual process work.

Presenting my work in both written and audio formats, I take a gentle approach, speaking in plain English that can be understood by anyone, regardless of prior exposure to astrology.

Those with some astrological knowledge will find a refreshing change of pace and approach to the work.

Thanks for stopping by. You’re invited to check out samples of the readings, or to scan around the many free areas of the site — such as the audio resources page, listed, the monthly horoscopes or prior annual readings, all on the right.

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Eric Francis