Praise for INTELLIGENCE by Eric Francis

‘dazzling spring confection’ by Lanvi Nguyen

Decided this week was to be a reset. Loved that PW ‘RESET’ turned up just in time for the close of year. Anyhow, have to say that this year’s reading has gone above and beyond my expectations. The capacity to speak to us at our various levels of consciousness as if it was a ‘personal’ reading is extraordinary. So helpful to have a summary of the year that was for ‘sense making’ and determining the inner work traversed. It has not been for the faint of heart. Onwards we tread in a time that is challenging and requires the best of all we have. Thank you, Eric and team. Your work is stellar and I appreciate its depth and integrity as we navigate the paths.
— Rebekah O’Rourke, on the RESET readings

I am listening to the Gemini audio and appreciating it greatly — especially the part about trying to get myself a couple of levels above survival mode. I only just recently realized that I’ve shifted heavily into that mode this year.
— Laura Andrews, on Gemini RESET

Is this music energetically calibrated for us Cancer natives? Sure feels like it.
— Jeannine Seymour, on Cancer RESET

Brilliant. You have certainly gone above and beyond with this beautiful piece of work. Thank you, much appreciated!
— Mary LaSelva, on Cancer RESET

I devoured my Leo reading, making detailed notes along the way… This reading gave me goosebumps, as it felt like you were sitting beside me and knew me inside out, like a dear old friend; no judgment, just observations, but goodness me, seriously touching on nerves — some I had even forgotten I had.
— Deborah L., on Leo RESET

This is the best Virgo reading I’ve heard on Planet Waves, in that it gives Virgo the agency it deserves without any of that tiresome ‘self-criticism-holds-you-back’ stuff you hear so much. Integrating the 2018 Mars and Venus retrogrades into this reading is so helpful in understanding the dynamic of Chiron and Uranus changing signs/houses. Thank you for the 7th house Neptune/Nessus talk, and the 8th house/Chiron piece. As a Virgo rising I could list so many ways this reading applies to my circumstances, but I’ll save that for my journal. So great to listen to this on the last day of the calendar year, usually such a retrospective/prospective time. Thank you!
— Cheryl Corson, on Virgo RESET

Thank you Eric for this incredibly perceptive and inspiring reading for Virgo. Everything that I pondered and reviewed and set goals for has come up and been verified for me by your reading! Not only that, but your deep perception of Virgo in relationship and the quest to find ourselves, has left me in deep appreciation of your abilities as an astrologer and consciously soulful human being. Thank you.
— Jane Williams, on Virgo RESET

I listened to the Intelligence audio for my sun sign (Libra) last night, and this content is extraordinary. Eric’s clients/subscribers often praise his ability to get to the heart of our astrological lessons, and it’s true. His ability to zero in on the import of what’s occurred in the past year and prepare us for 2019 is worth the cost many times over. I’m impressed and would recommend Intelligence to others as one of the most spot-on and insightful resources available. Thank you!
— Valerie B. Easley, on Libra RESET

Perfectly descriptive of where I’ve been, where I am … And such practical advice I should stick it to my forehead, and on every wall. I can’t underscore enough — listening was like having a combined microscopic/macroscopic view of my life, confirmation of my own thoughts about moving forward — but with practical questions and steps to help with that. I shouldn’t be so surprised at this point — but I am. Especially about a couple of parts which I hadn’t even yet fully articulated to myself, because of usual human shit like fear and whatnot. Thank you.
— M. LeTourneau, on the RESET readings

After all of these years receiving your readings, I still am in awe of your gift. And I am so grateful for your guidance all these years. This reading finds me so heartbroken as you rightly describe the “destabilizing” events of the Leo eclipses. You point the way forward and I take comfort that it is written in the stars. Sending much love.
— Dion Murphy, on the RESET readings

Eric, to me it feels you have outdone yourself many times here. Your power (that has impacted me) has resided in your amazing investigative style, and unique interpretation, of things astrological. This time, I have found something extra — a very clear and precise instructive guidance. And that takes this time’s reading — at least the Taurus reading — from amazing to supremely powerful. Thank you.
— Biren Shah, on the Taurus INTELLIGENCE reading

Favorite part: “It will be easy to get distracted by Uranus moving through your sign, and I suggest you guard against this. The real point of orientation for you is Chiron in Aries. That’s the crux of your growth.” Something to write on the palm of your hand with a Bic pen. Thank you Eric Francis Coppolino.
— Cheryl Corson, on the Taurus INTELLIGENCE reading

Dear Eric, I’ve been following you since 2010 and you’ve been a major influence over my profound immersion into astrology. I’m reading through the Gemini intelligence reading you just wrote and I have to say, you are so spot on and with such subtlety of my psyche that I’m experiencing profound gratitude for your work, your trust in what your mind and intuition picks up, and your devotion to your calling.
— Jean-Manuel, on the Gemini INTELLIGENCE reading

Oh Eric, Thank you so much! I love you! Thank you for sharing every ounce of your being in your readings with us — all your effort, insights, knowledge and love show — I appreciate all that you do so much. May God bless you.
— Donna McCormack, on the Libra INTELLIGENCE reading

This makes more sense every time I read it. You are actually describing the trajectory of my life’s path.
— Josie Beug, on the Sagittarius INTELLIGENCE reading

The INTELLIGENCE horoscopes are awesome! Possibly your best work ever, and I’ve been following it since the Star Navigator times! Thank you.
— Marianne Korten, on the INTELLIGENCE readings