INTELLIGENCE Written Signs Update

Can't Stop Dreaming the Dreams; Saigon, Vietnam. Photo by Lanvi Nguyen.
Can’t Stop Dreaming the Dreams; Saigon, Vietnam. Photo by Lanvi Nguyen.

Dear Intelligence Subscriber:

Thank you for your patience with my delivery of your written readings. I want to let you know where I’m at, and give you a sense of what goes into these readings.

First, I should be at the halfway point this week. Aries and Cap, the two reference signs, are published; Aquarius and Pisces are filed and in the editing process; Sagittarius and Scorpio are underway. I am working from the back of the zodiac toward the front, under guidance of Alice A. Bailey’s approach in Esoteric Astrology.

This is the more challenging direction of travel, though the result is something closer to the soul level rather than the personality.

The astrology I’m writing about describes the global crisis that we all know we’re experiencing. Those of us in the U.S. are confronted with a government that shuts itself down over a phony border crisis rather than addressing global warming.

The chaos in government is described by the activity in Capricorn: the approaching Saturn-Pluto conjunction, exact on 1/12/20, as well as the recent ingresses of minor planets Pholus and Quaoar. These are not asteroids; they are in the families of Chiron and Pluto, respectively. Both involve multigenerational issues.

Pholus comes with an alcohol warning, particularly the impact of drinking on the family from generation to generation — and therefore, on society. Think of all the liquor consumed every day, the Lake Superior of alcohol, and imagine what it’s doing to civilization. Imagine all the problems that it’s concealing.

These transits in Capricorn have personal implications, driven by the sense of the ground beneath our feet moving or collapsing. Neither we, nor our society, are designed to live in an earthquake zone. You can think of this as an effect of digital consciousness washing away physical experience; as artificial intelligence supplanting natural human thought and creativity. This is a more serious problem than most people recognize, though David Bowie and Prince were warning about it in stark terms 20 years ago.

In Aries, Chiron is about to enter, with a role related to this. Much of the consciousness breakdown related to AI and digital has been taking place in Aries, as Mr. Inventive himself, Uranus, has presided over the ascent of the supposedly smart phone; and Eris in Aries has presided over the electronic revolution dating back to the age of radio in the late 1920s. The digital dream really is an out-of-body experience. In my early days on the internet, in the mid-to-late 1990s, the whole experience felt like a dream or a drug trip. Today it feels normal, though that’s akin not to coming down but rather to being high on acid seeming normal.

For many, Chiron is likely to show up with something of a shock, as if waking up suddenly from a dream. There will be events and experiences that suddenly pull many people back into their bodies. As I described in the Aries reading, which I would strongly encourage you to read (it’s available to everyone), this is likely to create a bifurcation, already underway. Some people will move in the direction of increased tribal living and surrendering their identity to “the cause,” while others will go in the direction of individual awakening. Many more will be plain old confused.

Now put the two in context. In Capricorn, we’re having an experience of a collapse on the level of society (utter corruption of the political parties, and some facsimile of the mafia running the White House). In turn, this reaches to (or from) the personal level (identity chaos and emptiness, answered either by joining the group or tribe, or by choosing to do the hard work of self-actualization and sustained awakening).

This, essentially, is what I’m writing about in INTELLIGENCE. I am sorting this out for each sign and rising sign, which is a shift of context and perspective. These potent influences come at everyone from a slightly different angle, and the difference is relevant. In a sense I am walking around a mountain, describing it from each direction.

There is one other vital topic: how sexuality plays a role in all of this. However you may feel about sex, it’s one of the most important points of orientation for the human experience. Sex is the ultimate creative act, and the submission to physicality and to emotional experience. All year long, Chiron will be conjunct Salacia, and Pholus will be square Salacia.

To me, Salacia represents the immature approach to sexuality that we have here in Western Civ — the tendency to moralism, scandal, denial and repression. Chiron will shine its bright light on this and many related issues.

Pholus will be adding three elements: pressure to resolve things, and the involvement of the family background (including alcohol) — and how little we might need to do to shift things in the direction of healing. Ultimately, Pholus is the small cause with the big effect. This can work for you or against you.

With Chiron, the small cause is about focusing your attention on something, which leads the way to a result.

Note, I have covered the Chiron-Pholus-Salacia configuration in detail in both the Aries and Capricorn readings.

With any luck at all, we’ll have Aquarius and Pisces on the website soon, and Sagittarius and Scorpio close behind. That’s the halfway point, and with the help of my assiduous team, I am planning to keep my focus and get this done, with an emphasis on quality. This is not easy stuff to write about.

I’ll stay in touch. Thank you for your patience and your business and trusting us as your astrologers.

With love,

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