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Let’s start with an important distinction — vocation versus career. There is something of the essence of life contained in this distinction, particularly here in a society where most of us have so many choices for what to do with ourselves. Let’s do something my Taurus therapist taught me to do: go to the dictionary.

“Career” shares a word root with “car.”

“Vocation” shares a word root with “vocal.”

Heck, I did not know that till right now. Taurus rules the throat and the voice. (Just about anyone with strong Venus, or Taurus, has a beautiful voice.)

So think of it this way: career is like driving around in your car, presumably at a high speed. Vocation is like singing. And vocation is a spiritual calling. So your spiritual calling would ideally feel like singing, not like going to work. You would feel called, or drawn, not like you have to push yourself. This is the feeling to remember, on the physical level.

I bring this up on the occasion of a conjunction forthcoming in your 10th solar house (or 10th by whole signs, for Taurus rising) — the one that addresses career, and that might address vocation. The 10th is what in common lingo we call aspirational. It’s about what we reach for. It’s about your responsibilities in life. It’s about what you’re known for. The 10th represents your relationship to authority, including to parents and family authority, corporations, governments and your ability to govern your own life (this last one is the essence).

For you, this is about the sign Aquarius. Ruled by Saturn, Aquarius is an excellent sign to have on the responsibility-focused 10th, granting you a diversity of advantages where both career and vocation are concerned: anything related to Saturn is helpful to the 10th. There is organizational ability (involving people and work processes), an affinity for groups, and the potential for integrity.

And in late 2020, there is about to be quite a conjunction here, which rings your chart like the great bells of Notre Dame Cathedral. The conjunction is between Jupiter and Saturn, the two largest planets in our solar system. Together, they equal more than 2,100 times the volume of the Earth (and 400 times the mass, with a combined 141 natural satellites [meaning, moons], at minimum).

This is a big conjunction, of two miniature solar systems in their own right, that happens just once every 20 years, and which arrives with the feeling of society turning over a new phase of history. (Recent presidents who took office under this conjunction were Kennedy/Johnson in 1961, Reagan/Bush I in 1981 and Bush II/Cheney in 2001.) This is the “beginning of a new era” conjunction. As we approach the election of 2020 and whatever is ahead in 2021 and beyond, most people can feel change of this magnitude coming on yet again.

Yet for you, this conjunction is especially personal, as it is on the fixed cross and you are born under a fixed sign — and the 10th house is involved. It is directly associated with your mission in life. Now put this all together and you can see that big possibilities are on the horizon, the potential for you to take a major step up in the world. Yet the question is: how do you get there? Or more appropriately, the question is, where is there? Where do you feel drawn? What is your calling?

Another Conjunction — in the 9th and Capricorn

Before the 10th house is the 9th house. Before your highly expressive, worldly conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in the 10th, there is one that happens in the 9th house, which addresses matters of spirituality and personal philosophy.

The 9th house takes us beyond the deeply personal worlds of the 7th and 8th, which are about one-on-one relationships and the most private family matters (finances, wills, trusts, estates, sexuality and so forth).

There’s a major conjunction brewing in your 9th, between Saturn and Pluto. It takes place on Jan. 12, 2020, about a year ahead of Jupiter-Saturn on Dec. 21, 2020. The two events are related, as one cultivates the ground for the other. Saturn-Pluto conjunctions are rare, and like all Saturn-Pluto contacts, they are potent, and tend to change the world around us.

This fits the conjunction happening in your 9th — the house that guides you into the wide world, but moreover, that prepares you for what you will experience when you’re working at a higher level of responsibility. The 9th is in many ways about preparation, and the 10th is about achievement, power and authority. In an astrology workshop long ago, Barbara Hand Clow pointed out that one of the problems with the world as we know it is that people try to get to the power of the 10th without going through the process of the 9th — which is about spiritual growth, education and ethics. You can think of the 9th as a place where you explore inwardly, and learn, and grow, and then take that exploration beyond yourself.

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