Scorpio INTELLIGENCE Samples

Welcome! Here are some samples from your Scorpio INTELLIGENCE readings.

From the RESET Audio Reading

From the INTELLIGENCE Written Reading — The Strong and the Trusted

If we study the chart for Dec. 21, 2020 — the major point of arrival at the end of 2020, which will likely be the most unusual year of our lives — you arrive at a point of stability, of leadership, and of urgent action. You are preparing for something you know you must do. What that is won’t be clear until right before you arrive. The urgent action is described by Mars conjunct Eris, square Pluto — all to the degree. And this comes after a long Mars retrograde between Sept. 9 and Nov. 14, 2020; that’s likely to be when you figure it out.

Speaking of Mars retrograde, the most recent one, in the summer of 2018, took place mostly in Aquarius. As I described in some detail in the audio reading, this was a critical point of preparation for you. Mars retrograde in Aquarius challenged you to do something very difficult: to go against the norms of your family, tribe or community. There are some who managed to do that; there are others who succumbed to that toxic energy of groups and gave up their individuality, in exchange for false security. I suggest you do a careful evaluation of the events of last year, and assess honestly how you did; what choices you made; how you responded to your fears, and to your impulse to be ideologically free in the face of pressure to be someone other than yourself. When those two forces met, what did you do? And where do you stand today?

To put it gently, when the time comes, you’re going to need to know how to stand apart, and to sustain that position. You will need to maintain your independence of thought in the context of many influences that want you to get with the program, whatever that program might be. The winter solstice 2020 chart is also charged with the energy of revolt and rebellion: your ruling planet conjunct Eris (there is the revolt and the rebellion) and also a lone-wolf quality (Mars square Pluto as part of the same aspect).

So when the time comes to rebel, you will need to be good at that too. People speak harshly of politics, though nobody can doubt the skills of working with others, of helping unruly people forge agreements with one another, and stick to them. You are likely to provide that structure, and the example of a social order or orientation that will work for the people around you. We don’t know who those people are, exactly; it could be anything from your profession to the local rescue squad to holding some political office to taking up a tribal leadership position. This will influence any group, organization, or social environment that you’re part of.

I would strongly advise against doing this early; remain stealthy for now. Rather, use your keen abilities of observation to notice what people do when they get together; notice whether they get along, and what influences that; notice those moments when people give up their individuality. Please refer to the Aries reading (available to everyone) for an extended discussion of the relationship between the group and the individual.

The essential thing is that you study your own relationships between individuals and groups, which means studying your relationship between yourself and your family. I cannot emphasize this enough. Our relationships to our families hold many, many secrets, including the key to our insecurities. A book might be helpful, one I’ve recommended many times — A General Theory of Love. You will, in a real sense, be moving into a position of family leadership (that’s the thing that every group has in common), and you must know your weaknesses, your vulnerabilities, and the places where you’re likely to compromise your integrity.

Uranus in the 7th House

One of the most significant transits influencing your life is Uranus in Taurus, which is your 7th place, your relationship zone. Uranus has an odd connection to Aquarius, primarily in the sense that both represent group dynamics (Uranus is also the modern ruler of Aquarius). Given that your primary relationship orientation is most likely to be one-to-one, this will have some unusual effects, and you will get to work your way through one of the great riddles of humanity, that of “the one and the many.”

I covered this in an article some years ago. My basic theory is that all relationships, no matter how monogamous, are set within a community context; and even if relationships are polyamorous, each individual bond is dyadic, or one-to-one.

Getting a feeling for these dynamics will be very helpful to you. They are likely to rewrite the structures of your relationships, no matter how stable they may seem. In fact, the more stable, the more susceptible to some reorganization or rethinking, to accommodate your accruing role as someone integral to your community.

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