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The two planets associated with your sign — Jupiter, the traditional ruler, and Neptune, the modern one — are both working at full strength in your chart at the moment. Neptune is in Pisces, your 1st solar house or ascendant, and through the end of the year, Jupiter is in Sagittarius, your 10th house of accomplishment and responsibility. There’s something visionary about this, though it comes with the challenge of needing to constantly refer back to yourself to make sure you’re focusing your ideas. (In a slightly different way, this is influencing all of the other mutable signs — Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius.)

Pisces, by its nature, can have some difficulty focusing its self-concept into something tangible. You do better than you think; inwardly, there often seems to be some lack of focus, though others experience this as a pleasant affability. Inwardly, you may feel like you’re grasping for substance.

If we add Neptune to the equation (which has been around since 2011, and which is in your sign for the foreseeable future), there are a number of possible effects. One is to project into the consciousness of others any image of who you want to be, as if you’re a living hologram. There will be other times when you feel like you don’t exist, in a way unusual even for one born under your sign. This might be the sensation of invisibility, of distance or of being misunderstood.

As I suggested 10 years ago when Chiron was entering your sign, you have arrived at that time in your journey when you must remember all that you learned from working with Chiron’s focusing ability and at times hyper-enhanced state of awareness. Chiron’s passage into Aries may give you some relief from the need to pack so much concentration into your self-awareness, though you now need all that you can get.

Neptune can offer an exalted and inspired feeling, though it has to be carefully regulated, and drawn back into the body. We live in times that are driven by fantasy and illusion, and it’s essential that you be able to function in a tangible version of the real world. All of the activity in Capricorn (Saturn, Pluto and others) is helping you do this, by focusing some vital social and professional role. Yet you may be feeling restless for something juicier that allows your imagination to be freer and more easily expressed.

At the same time, Jupiter, your traditional ruling planet, is making its way across Sagittarius, your 10th house, associated with recognition and achievement. This is an invitation to take on a bold vision for yourself, to see yourself doing something greater than you currently are. It’s essential to keep feeding and allowing just that kind of ambition to grow.

Yet for this to have a real effect, it’s essential that you make decisions, take action and document your moves toward fulfilling your goals. Sticking to the decisions you make is crucial, even if you don’t know exactly how you’re going to get from here to there. In any visioning and building process, there are mysterious points where you may have no notion of how you’re going to reach your goal, yet you must keep going if you want to get there. The way to proceed is in degrees; in steps that you can feel and trace, no matter how modest or small they may seem. Your direction of travel and the fact that you’re moving at all are more relevant than your velocity, or your proximity to your goal.

Jupiter and Neptune will be dancing around in a square aspect all year. This has a bit of an “oil and water don’t mix” feeling to it, though they do in different ways under different circumstances (vinegar and oil in salad dressing is one example — they blend for just long enough). What the two are doing is squeezing you into a state of continuous expression. Squares can indicate that something happens, though this one is unlikely to be particularly forceful (it’s more likely to be forgetful). The way to vote this square into existence is to keep expressing yourself, and keeping at least modest track of your results. Be sensitive to what appeals to you, as a vocation or as a result. Check back against old plans and see what you once started or intended to do, and may be waiting for development or completion.

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