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From the RESET Audio Reading

From the INTELLIGENCE Written Reading — Strands of Dharma

Your destination on Dec. 21, 2020 is a place where you may embark on your true calling: where you find yourself in your work, and in your most expressive creativity. I know this sounds ideal, and for some, unattainable. Regardless, I suggest you hold your highest vision, and aim to connect with developments in society that help get you where you want to be. You’re able to blend your ability to take a risk with a conservative approach to existence that allows you both to experiment and to focus a result. This most unusual chart illustrates enough confidence and faith in yourself to be able to take action, and to handle any circumstance you may encounter.

The journey to this destination, though, involves doing something potentially difficult for you, which is engaging conflict in an honest and above-board way. I know that most “spiritual” teaching is supposedly about avoiding conflict, which really means suppressing it. One typical result is akin to what happens when forest fires are suppressed: the conditions become correct for a really, really big one. So what you want is to design a controlled, conscious approach to disagreement, which will teach you how to be both sincere and sensitive.

Presumably you want to create a space of peace and productivity with your loved ones, your friends and your neighbors, yet this can only come from being real. Being real does not mean being aggressive. It means being forward enough, and courageous enough, to facilitate a real conversation, and perhaps get the result you want. In this sense, the usual Libran gift for diplomacy will be transformed (with your practice and participation) into a talent for leverage. There’s more to it than this, of course, but there’s your fortune cookie version.

Your path to this destination also takes you through the territory of challenging everything that makes you feel secure, or insecure. They are different sides of the same concept. These ideas and what they represent get put through both analysis and real-time tests, and are seen for what they are.

Chiron Is Now in Aries

Once again, Chiron is prominent in your astrology. While there are many moving parts to the current picture, Chiron in your opposite sign or 7th house will be one of the most noticeable transits of the next eight years. In some ways, it contains a key to all of the others, and provides you with an available resource.

The 7th is an important house in that it describes your prevailing environment. All the houses relate to specific environments, though the 7th has a way of representing the environment generally: the overall vibe of what you face every day, like the psychic weather. Your solar 7th house is Aries; if you are Libra rising, all of Aries is your whole-sign 7th house.

One effect of this is that you’re accustomed to people coming toward you. Aries is high-energy and it tends to act; that’s what you’re used to. Part of what you’re here to learn is how to assert yourself, and to move toward what you want.

As a point of background, the past seven years of Uranus moving through Aries has been destabilizing in your relationship life and your environment generally. Uranus, whether in your sign or your opposite sign, comes with a lot of shakeups, and this particular Uranus cycle was somewhat infamous. It included the seven contacts of the Uranus-Pluto square (for a few years circa 2012), and three contacts of the Uranus-Eris conjunction. I have covered these in many prior annuals, so I will just sum up here.

In one sense, Uranus transiting your 7th house was the very antithesis of Libra; your sign is about balance. Uranus is about shaking the tree, rocking the boat, the strike of lightning and the stroke of genius. Your sign is ruled by Venus and Saturn; you prefer a coherent presentation, clothes that match, and stable, dependable people. You don’t always get this, and Uranus has presented you with quite the opposite over the past few years — going back to around 2011.

Note that you may have accumulated an interesting collection of people during these years; as time goes on, you may decide that some were not nearly as weird as you thought they were; they just didn’t meet your expectations of who you thought they should be. Over time, you will understand them better, and you could benefit greatly from reaching out to some who seem to have moved on from your life.

Uranus is about to move into Taurus, which is another story; and Chiron has taken up residence in Aries. This will, in some ways, be a stabilizing influence. Though it tends to bridge the two, Chiron has more in common with Saturn than with Uranus. Chiron is methodical, and seeks stability. What it has in common with Uranus is its intensity, which is focused to precision with Chiron.

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