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From the RESET Audio Reading

From Meeting the Wider World — the INTELLIGENCE Written Reading

The 9th house is that of higher learning, and of what some call the “higher self.” This is an interesting concept, as usually it’s the deeper self. We might, though, say that it’s who within yourself you make contact with as a result of your personal spiritual quest.

Chiron is the teacher. This transit suggests that you may be open to an important teacher entering your life. Be mindful that teachers are human; they are not infallible.

It’s just as likely that you will take up a role as a teacher. It seems to be a potential missing element in your life; and if you are in some way a teacher, consider that the nature of your calling is likely to change or deepen.

Nearly all teaching happens by example, which means the example of who you are. It’s also likely that whatever you are teaching, in terms of something topical, will choose you — and it may have already. It’s good to start right where you are, and explain to others what you do and how you do it. This can apply to any facet of your life, though particularly what you’re the most devoted to.

There will almost always be some element of writing and publishing involved. I suggest you set a high standard when you release your words to the public. You have Libra on the house associated with writing — the 3rd. Libra wants beauty of ideas, of presentation, and of the flow of words. Don’t let this make you into a perfectionist. Let your spirit fire the words onto the page or screen, then tidy them up later.

Take a professional tone, and make sure you verify all of your facts before committing to them in print or on the internet. I suggest you make a distinction between articles or other writing that is from personal experience, and that which needs to be more objective and factually based. In the style of Libra, make sure your ideas are balanced. Leave yourself room to be wrong.

Most of all, though, get used to the idea of a ministry. I don’t mean this in a pious or pompous way. I mean that it’s nearly a certainty that you will be called upon to teach. Remember, as you do, that to teach is to learn. Listen to the ideas and observations of those who still have their beginner’s mind — and let them awaken yours.

Uranus in Taurus: The Distinction of Your Work

One of the most exciting transits of the next seven years is Uranus in Taurus, which warmed up last year (covered in the audio sections) and which has fully engaged as of early March 2019. Taurus is the 10th place from Leo — that of reputation, responsibility, enterprise and distinction. Uranus has a way of bestowing originality, and a touch of revolution.

This transit will reinvigorate your professional aspirations. How long has it been since you wanted to really do something bold and interesting? Something that fully engages your creativity and talent? The time is nigh.

Something may take you like a storm. You may resist making any total changes or 180 reversals or whatever. You have strong preserver energy coming into you through Taurus. Therefore, conduct experiments and forays, and for now, preserve what you have gained and built. There may come a time when you decide to take a leap and go for something new. You will know it when you get there.

For now, take advantage of the Uranian power of invention and its ability to give your world a little jolt, and try some new things, new projects, new ideas. You may have a hobby of some sort that you’re ready to bring out to the front of your life.

Bear in mind that it’s not merely that one is never too old to do new things or embark on new experiments. Rather, doing so keeps you young by stretching your capacities and making you learn new talents. With Uranus in the 10th, the thing to emphasize is what is different about what you do. Taurus will protect you in the sense of providing some camouflage of tradition and aesthetic presentation. Yet Uranus is the new factor, and at its best, it’s about how you distinguish your talents and contribution.

One other factor it represents is your ability or calling to work with a group, in a more open leadership style. Here is the thing, though: no matter who you collaborate with or take into your leadership cadre, remember what you are personally responsible for, in your life; remember to whom you are personally accountable. Ultimately in certain contexts, there are things that have nothing to do with the people around you and have only to do with you, personally.

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