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From While Fantasy Lures, Reality Beckons — the INTELLIGENCE Written Reading

When Jupiter and Saturn meet in Aquarius in late 2020, the conjunction of a generation occurs in your 9th solar house (or 9th by whole signs for Gemini rising). I call that the “wide world” angle of the chart, where one’s mind opens up to new ideas, where one’s social world expands into an international context, and where we meet that entity called God or the higher self, who is really the inner self.

Jupiter and Saturn are vast beyond comprehension. Nobody can really imagine a planet 1,300 times the size of the Earth, with 79 known satellites, rising over the horizon. The photo above is how that would look, at one Earth-Moon distance. That both Jupiter and Saturn will meet in your 9th house describes your world expanding exponentially.

With Aquarius involved, the first angle to consider is social. It’s as if you step into a worldwide collective of some kind: not a “social network” — but the real thing, on which the fraudulent and increasingly toxic AI concept is based (by which I mean “social” media, a synthetic substitute for sincere relating). Technology will have a role, but it will be the means rather than the end.

When looking for words to describe the real thing, the thing that we’re all immersed in a substitute of, think: cosmic family, the family of humanity. Folks. People. Your friends, your neighbors, your colleagues — only a more embracing new category that can expand across oceans and continents.

A conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in the 9th house is about your world opening up. It’s about new ideas; new dimensions of philosophy, spirituality, mathematics or physics: whatever turns you on. Whatever is your point of contact to the greater whole. This conjunction in your 9th house is the stuff of which science fiction scenarios are made, describing new worlds into existence, but it’s actually about you, in your place and time.

On one level the effect of this conjunction is purely personal: the cultivation of intellectual and spiritual maturity. On another level, the effect is worldly: you suddenly will have access to a community of peers, of teachers and (if you’re interested) students. The 9th is of supreme significance for those people who wish to be cultured humans, who wish to live in a wider and deeper world than the one usually inhabited by most humans.

This is astrology that can describe events like developing an international presence, beginning grad school, or earning or completing an advanced degree. If you are an attorney, you may get to practice in the federal appellate courts or work on a Supreme Court case. If you are involved in publishing in any way, shape or form, this is a conjunction that will serve you well, and which indicates a period of unusual new achievement.

The thing is, to get to the 9th house, one must get through the 8th house. The 8th addresses the bottom-line facts of life that we hardly ever dare to deem “spiritual” — a theme reserved for the topics of the 9th house. And that is why so few people make it into the 9th in one of its more genuine forms, as opposed to attiring oneself in piety, religiosity, or purely academic knowledge.

And that is an area where some caution is appropriate: one possible pitfall of your 9th astrology is arrogance: thinking that you know more than you know, or holding yourself out as an expert without the direct experience to earn that description.

Let’s set that aside for now; there is plenty of ground-level work happening in your 8th house, Capricorn, that you really cannot escape, and which will have a tempering and softening effect on you.

The Sum Total of Your Planets

You are involved in a process that will get you to that 9th house conjunction. It’s a bit of where fantasy meets reality. You might, for example, find yourself working at a job you don’t like that much, dreaming of what is possible. You know you can do great things. You are creative and you have energy, and you understand intuitively that the material world is, on some level, subject to your desires and your vision.

However, you might not like what you’re doing now, and be distracted by dreams and visions of what is possible. And then reality seems to beckon: urgent situations, the needs of relationships, the fact that you’re getting older, the world crisis, and the sense we all have on some level that time is running out. It is; for an incarnated creature, time is finite. Yet we’re now all connected to a global network that is constantly reminding us how close to the edge we are, how unstable our political systems are, how weird the economy is.

The lunar nodes moving through your 2nd/8th houses are placing an emotional emphasis on root-chakra-level material, also amping/ramping up the impending conjunction of Saturn and Pluto. So you have here something of the ultimate creative tension: the desire to do something brilliant, and being no stranger to the realities and necessities of life. One of the greatest novels of the 20th century was written in a garage between bombing runs over England.

To work this equation, you will need to gain some mastery over the necessity level, and then churn up some manifesting power over your dreams and visions of doing beautiful things. The best way to manifest is to get out of idle fantasy mode (a distinct possibility with Neptune floating slowly through Pisces). Idle fantasy is a BIG problem in the Western world, as stoked by advertising, films, TV, the internet and a general desire to evade responsibility.

Fantasizing in that idle sense of the idea expends energy that does not come back. Harnessing the imagination is something different. Dreaming up possibilities and then actually exploring them is something different. It’s essential that you work with this distinction, because it’s the difference between wasting energy, time and creativity, and using those things wisely.

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