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From the RESET Audio Reading

From Reaching Solid Ground With Yourself — the INTELLIGENCE Written Reading

Pholus has recently entered your sign, where it will be for the next 22 years. This is longer than Pluto spends in any one sign. Pholus is a centaur, in the same class as Chiron, which gives it one thing in common at least: it’s part of a healing process. While all the centaurs address ancestral material, Pholus in particular addresses matters going back four generations (including your own). This ties into your Chiron-Salacia transit through the 4th — the house that covers ancestry — and completes a pattern involving all three points, which will be in a close aspect all year.

While Pholus moves slowly, its action is fast: it is reactive. It can have the action of revealing things that were hidden (one of its modes of action involves the lid coming off). And you must take special care, particularly in the early years of this transit, not to be reactive — while you’re getting accustomed to the energy. You are currently under the influence of Saturn, which can feel like pressure, or being over-contained/constrained. Your impulse to break free or burst out will be strong at times, and that’s when you have to pay special attention. One thing you will need to get used to is being more influential than you think, even in some of the seemingly small or minor things that you do. Pholus is the planet whose process includes the small cause with the big effect.

You must therefore become the master of small causes: of the seemingly minor influences that can make a significant difference. Dial back your efforts and your projection of yourself. Apply yourself gently to situations, rather than with a conquering spirit. You are not under good astrology to be a social justice warrior, though it may be tempting. You are, however, under excellent astrology, borrowing a line from Bono, to remember that “I can’t change the world, but I can change the world in me.”

A Caution About Projection

Speaking of projection, your charts contain a caution about this. In psychology, projection is seeing in others what you have not yet identified in yourself. This is slippery territory, particularly with Pholus in the house. The way to handle the possibility of projection is to cease and desist from accusing anyone of anything. This may not be easy.

We live in times when being judgmental is the national sport, allegedly a mark of purity, a signal of virtue, a statement of power — it’s seen as anything but what it is, which is merely judgment, and which is almost always projection. Yet it’s become a cultural mania, particularly in the age of social media, when anyone can say anything anonymously and face no consequences for it — indeed, these days, social approval rains down on those who judge. I am not suggesting that you do this. I am saying that it’s a cultural game currently being played, and a dangerous one; and your astrology, in my view, is insisting that you process your opinions rather than placing them onto others.

Pholus could do a lot more than “place.” Pholus can represent the uncontrolled release — and it’s essential that you be able to contain, discipline and direct your energy, in whatever form it might take. The two essential sides to Pholus, irrespective of subject matter, are 1. Small cause, big effect (the shot heard around the world, small error leads to big problem, homeopathy) and 2. A kind of explosive or torrential power that can be unleashed, and keep going and going seemingly to no end. Hence, keep the notion of “anger management” in mind. Learning objectivity is not easy, and it’s a demanding mental and physical task, but it will serve you well. Question your assumptions and your perceptions. Consider that, as A Course in Miracles says, “Projection makes perception.” This is a difficult challenge to grasp, though in the end, it’s testimony to the power of your mind — power that you must harness for your own good.

When Chiron returns to the 4th house to stay, it will enter the square between Pholus in Capricorn and Salacia in Aries. When a faster-moving planet enters an aspect pattern, it can set off the pattern. On many different accounts, this will tap into a well of ancestral material (Chiron, Pholus, Capricorn and the 4th all address the theme of ancestral, and the effect will be multiplied.) The Pholus effect of “three generations” combined with Chiron’s ability to bring things to light and the sexual maturity issues of Salacia could be, well, explosive. And what comes through might have absolutely nothing at all to do with you. You could be channeling your great-grandmother’s religious anxiety over the one orgasm she almost had, or your grandfather’s indignation that his daughter wanted to go on a date with a boy he didn’t approve of, or whatever — including much worse.

As Marina, one of my housemates at Miracle Manor, would always say, “Be conscious!” It was always annoying and amusing in equal measure.

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