Aquarius INTELLIGENCE Samples

Welcome! Here are some samples from your Aquarius INTELLIGENCE readings.

From the RESET Audio Reading

From Out of the Darkness — the INTELLIGENCE Written Reading

Your astrology has you under considerable pressure. It may be subtle, it may be overt, you may give it any one of a number of names; these might change, depending on where you’re at. This influences both Aquarius Sun and rising, though the effects may be considerably stronger if you are Aquarius rising. This astrology is so unusual that Aquarius Moon will likely experience it in a similar way as well.

The bottom line of your astrology, in the long run, is focused on Pluto in Capricorn, transiting your 12th house.

This is the factor on which everything pivots and has for a long time. It represents a tectonic force moving through a hidden dimension of your psyche, and a deeply sensitive dimension, too. Note that both Pluto and the 12th tend to operate below the level of liminality; that is, below the level of full awareness, or any awareness at all. The 12th can disappear as if it’s another dimension, and Pluto is famous for his helmet of invisibility.

The way to work with 12th house transits is to gently bring them to full awareness. It helps that you have the advantage of astrology; otherwise, you might not have a metaphor to work with.

Your Pluto transit through the 12th has been going on since 2008, a year which may have represented a turning point in your life: perhaps imperceptible at the time, though seen in hindsight, a break from the past that you didn’t understand, and a past self that you could not exactly relate to being. You may now have a much better sense of what that was about, though it will help if you convey your knowledge into ideas about how to conduct yourself and your affairs, now that you’re approaching a similar turning point.

The same journey you embarked on in 2008 is still underway, and reaches a new peak of intensity through 2019 and in early 2020. There have been several peaks, particularly one that rolled along through 2011-2012.

As the seasons progress, you may feel an increase in various psychic or inner forces, and it will help you to have a picture of what is developing, and what some of the processes are. By the end of 2020, if you can go through this journey in an alert and conscious way, you will arrive at a breakthrough point: a point of arrival and a new phase of your life oriented on the future rather than the past.

This is a major developmental step for you, no matter what your age. You are in a “before and after” moment. It corresponds to a series of changes developing in society with which you will be synchronized if you remain aware of your inner movements and the developing tides, currents and climate of the world around you. To do this, you will need to slow down. As Bob Dylan said in the 1970s, there’s no time to think — though for you, there has to be. (This is part of the function that daily writing will serve, setting aside time to think. Imagine if you could have the opportunity to read the personal diary of someone who was close to the intense changes of that era.)

In the past 15 months or so (as of this writing, in February 2019), a number of new factors have entered your 12th house. Principal among them is your ruling planet Saturn. One possibility is that this influence is giving some substance to developments in what I’ll call your 12th house mind — the difficult-to-grasp world that lurks below the level of full awareness. Saturn is here to wake up this dimension for you, and call attention to your inner psychological movement.

Saturn is a significator for you, and you now have direct access to your inner world. It’s as if you’ve become eyewitness to your own process of growth and change; there are many terms for this out of various spiritual and therapy practices, such as inner observer.

Saturn is also applying pressure to Pluto, which will accelerate your changes, and can take you up to the critical mass point.

You may also be dealing with the sensation that time is running out. You can take that on any level, though the bottom line of time is mortality. Each in its own way, Saturn, Pluto, Capricorn and the 12th all resonate with this topic. The final takeaway is that time as we know it is finite. I know it’s trendy to live like one will live forever, wasting time as if it’s an infinite resource. It is not; it’s the most precious resource there is, because without it, we have nothing else.

So we could say that the essence of your 12th house transits is learning how to use time well and wisely. This is part of a maturing process, and any maturing process requires a conscious relationship with death. Then and only then does one get to appreciate, experience and enjoy life as a fully sentient being.

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