INTELLIGENCE Dedication: My Brothers in Music

Photo by Neal McDonough.

I have many people to thank for having pulled through this year with our beloved Planet Waves not only intact but going strong — too many to name, who have helped in every imaginable way.

However, prominent among them are my bandmates and musical collaborators in Vision Quest: Hektor Bee, Daniel Grimsland (not shown above), Billy Riker and Daniel Marc Sternstein; and Jim LeClair, who builds my guitars; and my friends Matt and Jimmy at 30th Street Guitars in New York City. You helped turn what could have easily been the worst year of my life into one of the best — the best that I remember. Thank you. I love you all dearly.

The original Vision Quest project was the 2016 annual edition by the same name.

You may listen to our Soundcloud here.

You may listen to our Mixlr stream here, which runs 24 hours and is currently a 66-hour loop of material: rehearsals, composing sessions, jams, performances and finished pieces. If will sound a little different every time you click on it.

And…with my eternal gratitude to Trish in Toronto.

With love,