The Day of the Mortal Mirror: Birthdays and Planet News

If Your Birthday is Aug. 14
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With the Sun conjoining Venus, you are sure to possess some extra sparkle. You may find yourself with an abundance of suitors, or at least a few extra admirers; yet what you seem to crave most of all is a deep, passionate, meaningful soul-level connection. This means you’ll want to exercise some discernment amid the glamour and allure of more superficial pleasures. Notice when others practice what they preach, or don’t; notice who is honest and who is not, and respond accordingly.
— by Amy Elliott

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Written in the Planets

Are you a hugger? If you are, today’s the kind of day when you’ll probably feel called into action: giving love and attention to receive love and attention (and even if you’re not a hugger, you may feel your own version of increased demonstrativeness). It’s not the worst kind of exchange to have with others, and personally I think we could use a lot more of it in the world.

True, things like emotional I.Q. and awareness of people’s body language and other social cues are crucial, since one person’s ‘friendly’ can be another person’s ‘boundary transgression’. So remember that you can always ask first, and there are myriad ways to offer and receive warmth that work for all involved (and which don’t require physical contact). Your own ‘yes’ and ‘no’ can still be deployed in response to others however it suits you, no apologies or rationalizations necessary.

The Sun’s conjunction with Venus in Leo today is all about self-expression through creativity and relationships. What does that look like for you? Throwing a dance party or potluck? Making art with friends, or going out to take in some beauty or a performance? One caveat: you may in fact be the most fascinating person in the room, but acting like it will just seem obnoxious. Holding space for others to share their hearts and what inspires them could even be more rewarding than being the center of attention. Either way, it looks like there’s physical vitality on tap today. Move your body, and your literal, anatomical heart will be just as happy as your figurative emotional one.
— by Amanda Painter

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