The Day of the Fearless Crusader: Birthdays and Planet News

If Your Birthday is Sept. 12
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Remember that your primary relationship is really with yourself, and fulfillment in every other kind of setting comes much more easily if you can give yourself love. This may sound a little counterintuitive, because society teaches us that we are lacking, and that self-acceptance is allegedly arrogance. Yet in truth, embracing who you are is an important aspect of your wellbeing. Love is not a zero-sum game; it’s more like music. The more you practice on your own, the more you have to offer to others.
— by Amy Elliott

If your Sun, Moon or rising sign is Virgo, you are heading into a most unusual solar year, set up to do the thing Virgo is designed for: integrate the elements of your being, find your direction and purpose, and act on it. Eric lays it all out in your 2019-2020 Virgo Astrology Studio, now available for instant access.

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While you might not actually have the Golden Touch right now, you may in fact be able to create some ‘luck’ for yourself today. Yet that’s unlikely to come through impulsive risk-taking, and more through intelligent foresight and planning, with Mars in Virgo making a square to Jupiter in Sagittarius.

Running off with a “so crazy it just might work!” idea could be enticing, and the thought might be just the boost you need to take some initial steps. But Neptune’s proximity to Mars and Jupiter is likely having a slight dissipating effect on what is usually a high-energy aspect. That might actually be for the best. Patient persistence appears to be the more conducive option this week.

Are you experiencing any déjà vu regarding self-critical thoughts or speaking critically to someone else? Mercury and Venus are in a T-square with Ixion and the Galactic Core in Sagittarius, and the asteroid Chaos in Gemini. One of the silver linings to feeling like you keep repeating the same lessons is that each time is an opportunity to make a different choice — one that’s focused on things like ethical behavior, empathy, alignment with dharma, or the highest good of all concerned. That does not always feel fun in the moment. But there appears to be an opportunity to imagine that you’re in the space before all decisions — before any guilt or shame entered into your thinking. From that primordial (or less compromised) mindset, what could you do?

Final note: we’re getting close to the Pisces Full Moon, which is early on Saturday. The Moon enters Pisces today. Keep tabs on any interpersonal situations that are feeling edgy, extra sensitive, or just plain unclear. Gently inquiring about matters is likely better than trying to pin the other person down, though another couple days of patience could be all that’s needed.
— by Amanda Painter

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