The Day of Royal Command: Birthdays and Planet News

If Your Birthday is Aug. 15
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This is likely to be a pivotal moment for you, highlighted by an influential Full Moon on your birthday. You’ll probably find yourself with fresh motivation to focus on matters you might previously have begun to let slide, or able to clear certain hindrances that may have seemed immovable in the past. The choice of where and how to devote your energy is yours alone; you’ll therefore want to be sure you can voluntarily honor any commitment you make, through all weathers.
— by Amy Elliott

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Written in the Planets

Mercury leaves its post-retrograde shadow phase this morning, freeing up thought patterns and communication just in time for today’s Full Moon in Aquarius. The Aquarius Moon opposes the Leo Sun and Venus at 8:29 am EDT (12:29:08 UTC), which means it will be separating and the energy beginning to dissipate during the day. Yet even as the Moon moves along, the Sun and Venus will still be closely aligned — offering warm, heartfelt social vibes for a few days.

That said, if you’re in a funk or not feeling as social as everyone around you seems to be, there are elements in the Full Moon chart suggesting that a ‘fake it till you make it’ approach could be worth trying. Sometimes we feel limited in how expressive we can be with others, or in who exactly we’re able to connect with. And while that can speak to concrete circumstances, often it’s just a matter of perception (and specifically, self-perception) that’s based more on past or internal emotional habits than on the present moment’s opportunities.

Showing up bodily in a specific physical space where others are gathered may help you to find the leverage needed to rise above perceived limitations (or to hold space for others to do so), and let a little friendliness shine out. Yet you can offer this to yourself, as well, by setting aside some time and space to do something kind, creative or playful for yourself. Whether solo or with others, these options are a form of love — ones that cost little to give, yet are priceless to receive.
— by Amanda Painter

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