The Day of Outrageous Flair

If Your Birthday is May 16
The Day of Outrageous Flair | Order Your 2019-20 Taurus Reading | All Other Signs

Communicate your feelings and thoughts as clearly as you can to loved ones. You’re experiencing some deeply transformative astrology, and would almost certainly benefit from the support of those around you as you navigate the various changes. The closer you bring friends into the picture, the more engaged they are likely to be as your allies. An atmosphere of mutual trust and confidence may well aid their growth processes as well as yours.
— by Amy Elliott

Written in the Planets

Focus on practical matters as much as possible today. A trine between Mercury in Taurus and Saturn in Capricorn should open the door to nuts-and-bolts, ground-level work, and the ability to be persistent with it. You might pay particular attention to ways you’ve been needing to re-organize your immediate environment or workspace, especially if that coincides with some inner re-organizing that’s afoot. Mercury in Taurus combined with a Libra Moon could bring your attention to the aesthetics of the situation.

Right around 5:30 pm EDT, the Moon enters Scorpio. This potentially ups everyone’s emotional intensity and the need to get under the surface of something tonight — especially as the Moon makes aspects to several sensitive planets very early in signs. With both Mars newly in Cancer and Venus newly in Taurus (alongside Uranus), this could mean that some form of sexual self-investigation may be on the agenda, whether solo or with a playmate. Finances might also be a prime target for your attention.
— by Amanda Painter

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