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If Your Birthday is Sept. 11
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Like other people, you are ever changing and evolving, and you can’t be expected to remain exactly the same for any length of time. The same goes for the structure of your daily life — your work, your habits, your schedules — which you build around yourself, and have the power to reshape. If you want to change something, if you decide to set your feet on a particular path and are determined to put in the requisite level of effort, there is ultimately very little that could stop you.
— by Amy Elliott

If your Sun, Moon or rising sign is Virgo, you are heading into a most unusual solar year, set up to do the thing Virgo is designed for: integrate the elements of your being, find your direction and purpose, and act on it. Eric lays it all out in your 2019-2020 Virgo Astrology Studio, now available for instant access.

Written in the Planets

The unusual thought, emotion or impression could be what helps you to get un-stuck in some way today. It may relate to a plan you’ve become emotionally attached to, or to some ‘conventional wisdom’ that does not go deep enough to be useful; or could be an intuitive hint about what’s going on beneath the surface of a situation. The aspect I’m looking at here is an opposition between the asteroid Pallas in Scorpio and Uranus in Taurus, while the Moon travels through Aquarius today.

Bear in mind this is happening against the backdrop of the Virgo-Pisces oppositions that are calling the major tune lately, all square Jupiter in Sagittarius. So if an eccentric, innovative or non-habitual insight comes your way, it’s likely advisable to apply it gradually. Understand it might require some tweaking down the line, as new information becomes known.

Venus is also making interesting aspects of its own. Notice if some kind of second chance is making an appearance. Possible realms where it might emerge could include (but are not limited to): love, friendship, work and work relationships, service, finances, material possessions, and your values around any of these things. Remember that it’s never too late to make a more ethical choice, or one that serves more than your own interests (maybe even the common good). Also, sometimes being in the mystery of not knowing, or of multiple options, is a more productive and less stressful place than committing to something you know does not feel right. Ultimately, honesty is the most liberating action of all.
— by Amanda Painter

My readings offer a place of refuge, an opportunity to suspend self-judgment, and my careful reading of the charts. I offer you reasons to be motivated, and strategies for handling the strange complexity of society at this time. To this work, I bring all of what I have learned as a journalist, editor, astrologer, spiritual student and man of the world; and I offer it to you for an affordable price. Read more here.

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