In These Times, 2019 Autumn Reading by Eric Francis

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My readings offer a place of refuge, an opportunity to suspend self-judgment, and my careful reading of the charts. I offer you reasons to be motivated, and strategies for handling the strange complexity of society at this time. To this work, I bring all of what I have learned as a journalist, editor, astrologer, spiritual student and man of the world; and I offer it to you for an affordable price. Read more here.

IN THESE TIMES is my 2019 reading in the “midyear” series (now called the autumn reading). Organized by sign, it consists of 12 astrology sessions that will help you see where the stress points are, and where you can direct your energy and resources for the results that you want to get.

One of those results is feeling deeper peace of mind, balance and a sense of influence over your affairs. Using the techniques of spiritual practice, therapy and astrological counseling, I will help you focus on yourself, your priorities and your needs.

You may order this reading here, or choose your individual signs here. This reading is included with the Backstage Pass and Galaxy Pass.

Planet Waves FM: The Self-Actualization Edition

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Dear Friend and Listener:

In tonight’s edition of Planet Waves FM, I focus on Chiron in Aries and the question of self-actualization. What is it? Where did it go, and how do I get in on the action?

I tell the story of my visit to the KTD Monastery in Woodstock (I say ‘DK’ in the program), and what I’ve been learning about the idea of dharma (this teaching is the basis of In These Times, my recent 12-sign reading). This episode includes lots of songs about daddy, and a new edition of Tantra Studio.

As promised, here is a link to the newly revamped Vision Quest music stream. And here is another link to the newly revamped astrology readings channel.

Planet Waves FM is sponsored entirely by your memberships and contributions. If you listen to the program regularly, remember how much love, attention and resources go into its creation every week, and please do your bit. Thank you.

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Virgo, Neptune and Our State of Mind

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Dear Friend and Listener:

Tonight’s edition of Planet Waves FM explores the significance of the Virgo train making an opposition to Neptune, one planet at a time.

I consider the implications of yet another mass shooting: what this is telling us about our current state of mind, and what we might do about it.

The third segment turned into a spontaneous discussion of A Course in Miracles. I originally intended to talk about Saturn conjunct Pluto, but instead A Course in Miracles came out.

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There is Hope for Humanity — and your September Monthly Horoscope by Eric Francis

Dear Friend and Reader:

Decades into my project of studying the planets, I’ve figured out that the story never resolves. The cycles describe many potential points of resolution, but it rarely seems to happen. When it does, those few truly determined people are the ones who make it happen.

Studying the planets means studying people and what they do; the issue is coming from the human realm, not the astrological or the symbolic.

One of my approaches to the horoscope column and my recorded readings is to find the point of resolution. I look at the planets, and I identify the pattern and the potential courses of action. Then I describe the way through, and forward. This is always based on action that you must take — not something that will happen to you.

Often that involves some accounting for the past, or the lingering conditions of the past. These tend to serve as adhesions: situations and feelings that people are stuck to, which prevents them from going forward. My psychology training is mostly through the lineage of Fritz Perls, co-founder of Gestalt Therapy. In Gestalt process, what is unresolved from the past, serving as a stuck point, is approached as something with a purpose, that purpose usually specifically being to prevent progress.

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