Astrology: A Tool for Clarity in Chaotic Times

Photo by Lanvi Nguyen.

Dear Friend and Reader:

We live in painfully chaotic times. Many people are just exasperated with the stresses on their energy, the injustices of society, and the bleak future that we seem to face. There are the pressures we notice, and those running in the background, which I think are more vexing: climate change going past the point of no return, and being overwhelmed by the digital/artificial intelligence environment that has swallowed nearly all thought.

In the midst of this, how do you find your way? How do you get a clue? I am partial to astrology, because it’s a system of thought that is diverse enough, and complex enough, that it might be useful as a tool to describe our environment. At its essence, astrology is based on chaos theory: the idea that every seemingly random development in nature is has patterns that you can observe.

Astrology has a way of subverting the chaos, of pointing us inward, and of offering a point of view that is above the fray. Astrology points us to another kind of intelligence: one closer to music and to intuition; one closer to feeling than to the intellect.

The INTELLIGENCE readings that I’m offering on this website are designed to take you on an introspective journey. They’re here to help you open up a space where you can consider your life, and see your options. Most of all, they are designed to help you see that you do indeed have a future, one that you co-create with every choice you make.

We trust that you will find some calm here, and some space to be true to yourself.

Please explore the website. There are many excellent, free resources, including many past annual editions (19 years’ worth), the new monthly horoscope, and a new audio Question & Answer feature that you can participate in.

Thank you for visiting. Enjoy your stay.

with love,

Intelligence Audio Readings Are Ready: A Quiet Space to Contemplate Your Life

“I Believe in Miracles” by Lanvi Nguyen.

Dear Friend and Reader:

Sometimes it seems like there’s no quiet place in the world, or time to think. Many days life seems to be running out of control; there is so much chaos, it really can seem like nothing makes any sense at all. Yet right now, we know it’s urgent that we find some inner focus, so we can find our way.

Eric Francis at his desk in The Place of the Way.

My INTELLIGENCE readings are designed to do just that. These are extended audio readings that guide you through your astrology for 2019, as a metaphor for studying your life. My slow-paced, gentle presentation is the perfect remedy to the frantic world we live in now. The readings are illustrated with in-house music selected for your sign.

If you opt in for the written readings, you will receive a perspective that goes out to the end of 2020.

I bring to this work my many years of experience as a private astrological consultant, and as a public astrologer writing for worldwide audiences.

I bring my spiritual training, my therapy experience and my knowledge gained from investigative reporting. These readings are as worldly and practical as they are a space to heal and reflect.

RESET 2019, the audio portion of INTELLIGENCE, is available for immediate access. For the first time, we’re publishing phase one before the New Year begins. The second phase is a written reading, which will be delivered at the usual time — sometime in mid- to late-February.

The audio readings are 75 to 90 minutes each, with original music dividing the sessions. The 12 readings are one body of work (about 18 hours in length), and you will benefit from listening to any of them. (Many people seem to like binge-listening, which will be calmer than South Park but not as funny.) Their meaning will come out in layers, after repeated listenings and over the course of the year. When you’ve heard one, you will want to hear more.

I suggest you get at least your Sun sign and rising sign. One incentive for getting all 12 — still at the pre-order price — is that you may share them with your family or your household. So collectives or house-shares need only invest in one copy.

Here are your options for purchase:

All 12 Audio Readings Only — $99

All 12 Written and Audio Readings — $133

Individual signs, written and audio — $44 for the first sign, $22 for each additional sign.

Backstage Pass and Galaxy Pass holders please write to us at for best price.

Thank you for your business, and for trusting me as your astrologer.

With love,
PS — Fifteen percent of revenue from INTELLIGENCE goes to Chiron Return, Inc., nonprofit publishers of Planet Waves FM and host of The Gemstone File.