On The Turning Away

Feldstrasse in Erfurt in the former East Germany, scene of the first Nazi concentration camp.

Dear Friend and Reader:

Before I visited Buchenwald, I visited Ilvers Gehoffen.

Everyone has seen photos of concentration camps, but you would not recognize this one. It’s set in a neighborhood outside Erfurt, where the Holocaust is said to have begun. I know there are several places this is claimed to have happened, though the first government killings of anti-fascists were right there, in April 1933, within 12 weeks of when our old friend Adolf ascended to power.

When I was living in Germany, I had a guide who took me and a friend there. We had to ride a few trams to get outside the main city, and where we arrived reminded me of the desolate and crumbling Bronx. From the Google Earth photo above, it has apparently had a facelift.

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Tantra Studio: The Veil of Embarrassment

Sister Bliss, masturbating with her mirror, observed by an unknown person. Can you get a read on his facial expression? What is he thinking?

In this week’s Tantra Studio, I discuss the veil of embarrassment. Tantra Studio is usually the 4th segment of Planet Waves FM, which I devote to the discussion of sexuality and eroticism. I think most people who listen to it are sleeping by the time it comes on.

One of the central ideas of basic Tantric practice involves working with the persistent emotions embarrassment, guilt and shame — the red lights of the psyche. Tantra is about saying yes to existence and yes to yourself. Most people are shamed out of their approval of their own feelings and consequently, their existence. Which is where many people find themselves today.

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Sun Square Chiron — Now and in the Stonewall Chart

It was not a riot. It was an uprising.

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Dear Friend and Reader:

Here is a short letter introducing tonight’s intriguing edition of Planet Waves FM. First, later in the program, my guest is a man named Mitch Horowitz, an author and presenter on the subject of the metaphysical and the history of the occult.

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