The Day of Serious Purpose: Birthdays and Planet News

If Your Birthday is April 17
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Pay attention to your environment, and to your emotional responses. Consider no form of information as inherently needless. The world around you is rich and vibrant, and is inviting you to share in its glories. You may be on the brink of realizing something that has previously been just out of your reach; once you obtain it, much is likely to make sense all of a sudden. Breathe the living air around you and let it kindle inspiration.
— By Amy Elliott

Written in the Planets

Mercury moves into Aries today, which may pick up the pace of any ongoing mental meanderings. Aries tends to be a decisive placement for the planet of the mind and communication, though, which could help if you need to get a handle on your thought processes. Mercury here can also be prone to impulsive decisions, and can get frustrated with delays in addressing problems. Given that we’re heading for a Full Moon in Libra (in the last degree of that sign) on Friday morning, it’s worth noting that the Moon enters Libra shortly after Mercury enters Aries. So that’s kind of like a mental-level trial run of the Full Moon energy — and it’s a good reminder to stop and think before you speak.

Note that pushing the ‘pause’ button before you express yourself is not the same as bottling everything up. But it might mean the difference between throwing fuel on a fire that you did not realize was smoldering just below the surface. Libra Moons indicate a preference for harmony; sometimes to the detriment of direct self-expression. So today could feature one person taking a forthright and uncomplicated approach to a situation, and the other person involved trying to steer interactions with diplomacy. You might even find yourself switching between those two roles.

Another thought: as Mercury moves into contact with a few key minor objects early in Aries and Capricorn, track where your thoughts are being drawn. Do you feel like you’re searching for a point of action, leverage or pressure-release between who you are (or think you are) and the patterns of your family of origin? Is any of this material coming through as previously repressed sexual energy, or something about your sexuality that you prefer to keep secret? If you can find a way in the coming days to express whatever it is safely (which still might feel risky, daring or just plain scary in its vulnerability), you may discover that you don’t even have to say that much to enjoy a sense of relief and acceptance of yourself.
— By Amanda Painter

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