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If Your Birthday is April 15
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Pay attention to any urge you have to bring something new into the world, whether it be through an artistic process, coming up with an invention, having an actual baby, or whatever it is you want. If you have a few concerns, by all means give them due consideration, and do as much research as you see fit. It would certainly be useful to have an idea of the work involved. Ultimately the decision is yours.
— By Amy Elliott

Written in the Planets

We’re approaching the Libra Full Moon later in the week, on Friday. So this is an early reminder to watch for any interpersonal standoffs beginning to emerge. Today, the Moon enters Virgo to lend some grounding and practicality to otherwise less-disciplined aspects. Venus in a conjunction to the minor object Borasisi could be causing a bit of a blind spot in relationships at the moment. This appears to relate to emotion-based beliefs (which most are, if you think about it), or possibly to what counts as ‘spiritual’ when it comes to sex and love. On the other hand, it could translate to how you embody your beliefs about love. Are your actions as ‘spiritual’ as you like to think they are with your intimate partners?

Venus and Borasisi are also in a square to retrograde Jupiter in Sagittarius. With both of the signs that Jupiter rules involved, there’s a pretty clear indication to beware overindulgence, especially regarding food, drink, shopping and perhaps any purely escapist pursuits. That said, spending time doing what you enjoy will likely be the direction to lean in, particularly with friends or lovers. If you feel like you’re tapping into some higher vibes, you’re likely on the right track.
— Amanda Painter

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