Astrology: A Tool for Clarity in Chaotic Times

Photo by Lanvi Nguyen.

Dear Friend and Reader:

We live in painfully chaotic times. Many people are just exasperated with the stresses on their energy, the injustices of society, and the bleak future that we seem to face. There are the pressures we notice, and those running in the background, which I think are more vexing: climate change going past the point of no return, and being overwhelmed by the digital/artificial intelligence environment that has swallowed nearly all thought.

In the midst of this, how do you find your way? How do you get a clue? I am partial to astrology, because it’s a system of thought that is diverse enough, and complex enough, that it might be useful as a tool to describe our environment. At its essence, astrology is based on chaos theory: the idea that every seemingly random development in nature is has patterns that you can observe.

Astrology has a way of subverting the chaos, of pointing us inward, and of offering a point of view that is above the fray. Astrology points us to another kind of intelligence: one closer to music and to intuition; one closer to feeling than to the intellect.

The INTELLIGENCE readings that I’m offering on this website are designed to take you on an introspective journey. They’re here to help you open up a space where you can consider your life, and see your options. Most of all, they are designed to help you see that you do indeed have a future, one that you co-create with every choice you make.

We trust that you will find some calm here, and some space to be true to yourself.

Please explore the website. There are many excellent, free resources, including many past annual editions (19 years’ worth), the new monthly horoscope, and a new audio Question & Answer feature that you can participate in.

Thank you for visiting. Enjoy your stay.

with love,