Full Moon Door: A Meditation for the Lunar Eclipse

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Dear Friend and Listener:

Tonight’s special edition of Planet Waves FM is a meditation for the lunar eclipse on Tuesday. This is a new-style program — something I’ve never done before, some new art for our new moment. It lasts 45 minutes, and is designed to facilitate your spiritual process, calm your nerves, and open up some new subject matter.

Remember — the Planet Waves FM project is made possible by each individual listener who contributes, shares this email, or invites others into the experience. I love doing this work and I’m grateful that you experiment with whatever benefits you may receive. Here’s the link to make a one-time or ongoing donation.

Thank you for tuning in, and for your participation.

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Total Eclipse, Mercury Retrograde, My Libel Suit and Tantra Studio

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Dear Friend and Listener:

Here is a short note about tonight’s “season finale” of Planet Waves FM. I’ll be taking a (planned) week off from Planet Waves and Planet Waves FM through the July 4 weekend (note to members — there will be no subscriber issue on the 4th).

iMac selfie after recording tonight’s program. Photo conveniently hides how messy my desk is.

On tonight’s program, I take a thorough look not just at the astrology but its implications. I review eclipses on the Cancer/Cap axis back to 2009 or so, and look at the current setup, with the lunar eclipse on the 16th being conjunct the Saturn-Pluto conjunction. Then I describe what I’m calling the Anger Management Mercury Retrograde.

In the third segment, I offer my second-ever discussion of the “Wicked Game” scenario from the spring and summer of 2018. Last week, I filed a $2 million lawsuit against Chronogram and its editors for an editorial they wrote; I describe my cause of action, give the background and read from the editorial in question.

Here is the press release associated with the lawsuit, and here is a state filing with the Division of Human Rights that will give you an idea what the complaint will look like.

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Eclipses and Your July Monthly Horoscope

The News and the Weather: Eclipses in Progress

Let’s consider the current astrology. Most of the news involves the first eclipse pair across the Cancer-Capricorn axis in nearly a decade. This is likely to accelerate the political process, as the second eclipse (partial, of the Moon) occurs right on top of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction.

Total solar eclipse on Aug. 8, 2008. Photo by Anthony Ayiomamitis.

Eclipses take place when the Moon and Sun meet along the ecliptic, whether at new phase or full. Eclipses occur at the meeting of the planes of reality known as the lunar nodes, so we have the description of a multidimensional event. Think of an eclipse as a many-leveled alignment to which you can tune your consciousness or trajectory. They are chutes or wormholes in time, and it’s possible to ‘ride’ them as you follow and work with your astrology.

The July 2 total solar eclipse in Cancer comes on the heels of Mars making its way through this sign, which is still at the anaretic stage (very late degree) as of this writing, about to enter Leo on July 1, a day ahead of the eclipse. Mars joins Mercury and Juno in Leo. Mercury stationing retrograde in Leo on July 7 will stir up an interesting conversation and shake out some missing elements of truth like loose change falling out of someone’s pants pockets. (Collecting your coins, and keeping them in a jar, is better feng shui.)

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