Sun Conjunct Uranus and the Mueller Report

Eric Francis.

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Tonight’s Planet Waves FM looks at Monday’s chart for Sun conjunct Uranus in TaurusĀ — the first of seven annual conjunctions. Then I spend the next 90 minutes reading from, and commenting on, the report of the Special Counsel on the antics of Donald Trump and Russia.

Here is the full redacted version of the report.

Here is my article on the fire at Notre Dame Cathedral.

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INTELLIGENCE Available for Instant Access: Epic 2019-2020 Annual Edition of Planet Waves is Ready

Dear Planet Waves Friend and Reader:

Last week, I completed the last sign in the INTELLIGENCE readings, Taurus. First I want to thank those born under the last three signs I did, Cancer, Gemini and Taurus, for your patience. Faced with a lot of work and an approximately two-month delay, I decided to take my time and be thorough rather than to rush and just get it done.

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Thank you to everyone who has already purchased this set of readings — my first-ever covering two years (and really three, because the audio begins with a review of 2018, information that will remain relevant for years). We have now published the Taurus reading — all 12 signs are available for instant access. You can view samples of the audio and written readings here.

Thank you to the Planet Waves team, which has carefully edited and fact-checked the written readings, developed the website, and assembled the extra resources.

A First: Three-Year Reading, Spanning 2018-2020

The INTELLIGENCE project spans from the Venus and Mars retrogrades of 2018, through 2019’s astrology, and into the conjunctions of 2020: Saturn conjunct Pluto on Jan. 12, 2020, and Jupiter conjunct Saturn on Dec. 21, 2020. The result is a book-length project (62,000 words total) as well as 18 hours of audio that provides a deep exploration of major themes affecting you personally, and society, and where the two meet.

When all those spiritual pundits were talking about the winter solstice of 2012, they must have been thinking of the chart for the winter solstice of 2020.

The astrology of 2018 served as preparation for Chiron in Aries and Uranus in Taurus, the two major new transits. In addition, I introduce the Chiron-Salacia conjunction in Aries, and the Pholus-Quaoar conjunction in Capricorn.

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Making the Most of INTELLIGENCE

Dear Friend and Reader:

Last week, we published the final chapter of INTELLIGENCE, your 2019-2020 readings from Planet Waves. These are my 21st set of annual readings, and the first in years to include both audio and written. But they’re a lot more than astrology readings. They are a tool to help you shine the light inward, to help you awaken and tune in to your existence in a new way.

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These days, the cost of a therapy session is about $150 (in cities such as New York, it can cost $200 to $300 per session — not exactly a practical solution for most people, especially since many therapists don’t accept insurance). Astrology is not therapy — though it’s a folk art that is related to certain types of process work.

The purpose of therapy, as I see it, is twofold. Part one is to hold a mirror to your life — to provide some detachment from your usual experience and show you a different point of view.

Part two is to develop trust with the practitioner. Note, this may be the very core of the process.

When most people go to therapy, they are going to heal their injured sense of trust, and then learn how to transfer their newfound skill into their other relationships.

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